Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping

Why is pet nail care important?  Why is it important to trim and care for your dog’s nails?

There are many reasons why it is important to regularly trim and care for your dog’s nails. Not only does improper care cause health problems for your dog, it also causes problems for you and your belongings. If your dog does not have regular, hard, rough surfaces to run on, it will be necessary to trim their nails on a regular basis. If their nails are not trimmed, they will continue to grow.  They can become so long that it makes walking difficult and possibly painful, not to mention the damage it could cause around your home.

At Masterclip, your dog’s nails are always checked to see whether they need a trim or not.

When the nails are too long it can be difficult and painful for your dog to walk and run. Long nails can also get caught on rugs or clothing.

Making certain that your dog’s nails are properly trimmed will help prevent some issues, such as: 

  • Ingrown toenails – causing redness, swelling and discharge with a potent odor
  • Sore feet and legs
  • Joint pain
  • Discomfort when walking
  • Scratches to you, your furniture, and floors
  • Punctures to soft floor coverings such as linoleum and vinyl
  • Picking and tearing of furniture fabric, carpet, and rugs

When your pet’s nails grow too long, you’ll hear them scraping against the floor. This is a sign that they need trimming.

Pets don’t always like getting their nails cut, nor is it always easy to do. It can be tricky – which is why many people prefer to let a professional do it for you.

I will can  your dog relaxed for the nail trimming. Afterwards, he or she can walk comfortably again.

If you are unsure about how to trim your pet’s nails, I’ll be happy to show you. Clear nails tend to show the quick as a pink spot inside of the nail. Black nails are a little more difficult to trim safely and may need a more experienced eye.

Always have styptic powder on hand to stop any bleeding if you are going to trim your pet’s nails yourself.  If styptic powder is unavailable, simple black table pepper, cornstarch, or flour is almost as good.

Of course, if you would feel safer having me trim or file your pet’s nails for you I’d be happy to do so. Just call for an appointment.